Plane Table With Accessories & Tripod

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  • A plane table is a device used in surveying and related disciplines to provide a solid and level surface on which to make field drawings charts and maps.

  • The early use of the name plain table reflected its simplicity and plainness rather than its flatness.
  • Holds memory function
  • Maximum cumulative measurement value of 10 sqmtr
  • Measurement by 6 digit plus count
  • Average value measurement
  • Auto power off for energy saving.
  • Plane table includes accessories such as
  • Alidade
  • Spirit level
  • Plumbing fork with plumb bob
  • Trough compass.
  • It consists of a well seasoned wooden table top mounted on a tripod.
  • The table top can rotate about vertical axis freely.
  • Whenever necessary table can be clamped in the desired orientation.
  • Dual display for analog ruler and digital value.

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