J Ring Apparatus

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  • Determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete mixtures.

  • Used in comparing the passing ability of different concrete mixture.
  • Applicable in the field as a quality control test.
  • Used to investigate the resistance of SCC to segregation by comparing test results from two different portions of sample.
  • The J-Ring test measures three parameters: flow spread / flow time / blocking step.
  • The J- Ring flow spread indicates the restricted deformability of SCC due to blocking effect of reinforcement bars
  • Flow time indicates the rate of deformation within a defined flow distance.
  • The blocking step quantifies the effect of blocking.
  • The Unit comprised of galvanized steel ring with rectangular section of 30mm x 15mm
  • Median dia upto 300mm drilled median circumference having 16 cylindrical bars of 18*140mm dia fixed with holes.

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