Automatic Mobile Batching Plant 30 cum-hr Pit Type

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Pit type with Boom Scrapper

  • Pit type with Boom Scrapper

    Capacity: 30m3 /hrs

     A) Motor

    I. Drum 20HP.

    II. Skip 20HP.

    III. Scrapper 7.5HP.

    IV. Compressor 05HP

    V. Water Fidding 03HP.

    VI. Water Discharges 03HP.

    VII. Additive 01HP.

    VIII. Cement 05HP.

    IX. Vibrator 0.5HP 03Nos.


    I. Air jack Make Janatic / Techno.

    II. Solenoid Valve Janatic / Techno.

    III. PLC Based Panel Reno / Parametric.

    IV. Screw Conveyor 03mtr Leanth / 4.5mtr Leanth.

    V. Required Area minimum 12mtr to 15mtr / 20mtr to 20mtr.


     Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant with Boom Scraper:-

     I. Model: Reversible Drum Type

    II. Feed Chute with Boom & Scraper Cabin.

    III. Pneumatic Gates Operated by Air Compressor.

    IV. Separate weight of Aggregates

  • Water
  • Admix.

    V. Manual / Auto Mode.

     Software : There are a lot of facilities in the software

  • there are more recipe to feed mix design. Mix designs are feeded in separate recipes.

    C) Feeding system are like this:-

    I. Gate No. 1:- 10 / 20 / F- agg.

    II. Gate No. 2:- 10 / 20 / F- agg.

    III. Gate No. 3:- 10 / 20 / F- agg.

    IV. Gate No. 4:- 10 / 20 / F- agg.

    V. Additive system by weight.

    VI. Water system by weight or ltr.

    VII. Cement charge by screw conveyor.

    VIII. All material recorded as in print out system

    IX. Date & Time.

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